Food On Campus – Southampton Solent

Food on Campus

The Square Artisan Café

Sir James Mathews building, refurbished in summer 2010, overlooks Guildhall square, offers hot/cold drinks, snacks and hot meals

Students and Staff get 22% discount when they show their campus cards


It’s opposite the main reception, offering Costa coffee, snack and sandwiches. Everything you’d expect from your high street costa but on campus.

The Dock – Eat and Connect

Main University Restaurant it has a broad range of meal options available, from breakfast form the ‘brunch’ bar, sandwiches form the ‘Bonde Deli’, full hearty meals from ‘the Bowl’, Pizza and chips from ‘Streat’ or healthy jackets salads and smoothies from ‘Natural’

More info at soon

Aspretto and Millais retreat

Located in the Christopher Cockerel building corridor, Apretto is a small coffee outlet where you can grab a triple certified coffee when running between lectures.

You also have Millais Retreat which is just like Aspretto but its just in the JM building.

Campus news

Small newsagents on campus for a quick grab and go, sells newspapers, magazines, snacks, drinks, and plenty of sweets /chocolate

Students union bars

Bottom Bar

The SU Bottom Bar is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union and aims to provide top notch food at low, low prices. With a great menu, fantastic drinks offers and a friendly atmosphere; it is the top spot to hang out in the day between classes. The Bottom bar menu is available to download form the Solentsu website.

The Venue

The Venue, located on the 2nd floor, is Solent SU’s top spot for partying – hosting various big events throughout the year and a weekly entertainment program, as well as showcasing the very best of Solent talent in our student event nights.

Student union shop

Sells drinks snack and sweets along with university hoodies and supplies for studying also right next to the cash points

The Warsash campus

At the Warsash campus you have a fully licensed café, a bar and The Warsash restaurant. Here you have a fully licensed cafe  as well as bar called mariners where people can buy the usual draught beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks as well as Costa coffee and small hot snacks. Its open late to all staff and students and also offers sky TV. The Warsash restaurant area has a large servery area offering a range of local and international foods plus a salad bar and choice of snacks and Sandwiches.

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